Using Self-Service Web Inquiries to Solve Your "Too Many Clicks" Business Problems

Find out how Oracle's Self-Service architecture can help solve your "too many clicks" business problems.

Imagine you have a customer on the phone looking for an item that you don’t have in stock. You have many similar items that you could offer if you just knew what you had in stock and what supply is on its way. This session will walk through several real life examples of how self-service inquires have been used to solve these and other types of “too many clicks” business problems.

During this one hour Webinar, you will learn how Oracle's self-service architecture can help:

  • Develop inquiry applications for the web without programming 
  • Use customized views within web inquiries 
  • Add parameters to display only relevant data 
  • Initiate inquiries that include predefined drill-down capabilities
  • Generate the inquiry application web pages at runtime 

Thank you to all that attended our Webinar! For those of you that weren't able to join us and for those that want to review the materials again

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