Compensation & Benefits: What's New in Release 12.1?

This session discusses new enhancements in Oracle's Compensation & Benefits modules in Release 12.1, covering enhancements made to the Compensation Workbench and Advanced Benefits modules as well as Individual Compensation Distribution. There is also a live demo to cover some of the new features.

Here is a summary of the new features and functions that are covered:

Compensation Workbench

  • Provide Responsibility-Based Plan Access to Administrators 
  • Reduce Post Processing between Multiple Business Organizations 
  • Anniversary Date Based Awards 
  • View Performance Appraisal Details in Compensation Workbench 

Advanced Benefits

  • Reopen Life Events Process 
  • Open Enrollment Window Modification 
  • Enforce Minimum Coverage for Life Events with No Electable Choices 
  • Restrict Display of Primary Care Provider 

Individual Compensation Distribution

  • Award multiple compensations of same or different type to an employee within a single transaction 
  • Indicate a distribution end date for a recurring compensation within the same transaction it is awarded 
  • Configure element entry flex fields to capture compensation related information for an employee 
  • Configure action items for compensation plans 


Jeff Eaton, Compensation & Benefits Practice Director

Thank you to everyone that attended the live session. For those that were not able to attend and for those that wish to review the materials again:

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