De-Duplicating Dirty Data using Oracle Data Quality Management

It takes $1 to verify a record as it's entered, $10 to cleanse and de-dupe it, and $100 if nothing is done, as the ramifications of the mistakes are felt over and over again.

Jonathan Block, Senior Director of Research
SiriusDecisions, December 2008

Thank you to all that attended our overview of best practices for managing the integrity of your data. For those of you that weren't able to join us and for those that want to review the materials again:

Leveraging Pre-Built Analytics for HCM Business Intelligence

Many organizations struggle to obtain timely and relevant data from their Human Capital Management systems. In this session, hear how Oracle BI Applications provide pre-built solutions that enable organizations to implement quickly, with less risk, and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional BI solutions.

Learn how Oracle’s pre-built analytics provide the workforce information your Human Resources professionals and front-line managers need to analyze workforce staffing, productivity, and compensation plans. Topics to be covered include:

Effectively Migrating from SalesForce.com to Oracle CRM On Demand

Please join us to find out about KBACE's internal migration from SalesForce.com to Oracle CRM On-Demand.

Oracle CRM On Demand is a comprehensive solution for sales, marketing, and service initiatives that can be implemented quickly and comes with pre-built analytics and integration to the Oracle E-Business Suite. By leveraging the Software-as-a-Service platform, we were able to transition from Salesforce.com and get up and running on CRM On Demand in 4 weeks.

Productive from Day One with Oracle UPK, Tutor, and OLM

Oracle and KBACE have worked together to build a cohesive approach that increases an organization's level of effectiveness with Oracle Applications and Technologies through an integrated Learning Platform. This "Productive from Day One" approach leverages the combined power of Oracle Tutor, the Oracle User Productivity Kit, and Oracle Learning Management to provide a single source of training truth throughout the organization.

Maximizing Oracle HCM Using Compensation Workbench

Compensation Workbench allows managers and compensation professionals to plan, model, and allocate budgets and awards on a global basis across multiple currencies for Salary, Bonus, and Stock. In this session, you will learn how users can distribute budgets and compensation based on company guidelines and see a worksheet view of employees, their performance ratings and total compensation.

Now More Than Ever, Every Dollar Counts - Oracle Incentive Compensation

This session covered how to link sales incentives to business objectives by automating the complex task of modeling and calculating incentive payments with Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC). Provide flexible, accurate, and auditable incentive compensation plans that evolve to meet dynamic needs through OIC. Discover the features and functionality that have led OIC to top the charts with the largest live installation base of all incentive compensation products available on the market today, with more than 1.2 million payees in production!

Inter-Company Billing & Internal Ordering in a Complex Supply Chain

When relying on spreadsheets and other manually-intensive activities for inter-company billing and internal ordering, inefficiencies and room for error result. No one ever sees the real, complete picture when manual functions are performed in silos. To squeeze efficiency out of a complex supply chain, everyone involved needs to have access to real-time data flows.

Performance Management Release 12.1

Organizations today are increasingly focused on automating Performance Management to improve the productivity of their workforce. As one element of an integrated talent management solution, Oracle Performance Management enables enterprises to provide employees with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) Objectives that are aligned with overall business goals and growth strategy.

During this session, Lowry Page from KBACE highlights the new and enhanced features of Oracle Performance Management. Functions covered in detail include:

iRecruitment: Popular Extensions to Solve Common Issues in 11.5.10

Learn how to make a good first impression by enhancing the user experience for Candidates, Managers, and Recruiters in Oracle iRecruitment using commonly requested extensions.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Interactive Map 
  • Approval Functions 
  • Online Approval History Reports 
  • Online Unapproved Vacancy Report 
  • Notifications to Candidates, Managers, and Recruiters

Thank you to all that attended our Webinar on popular extensions for Oracle iRecruitment 11.5.10!

Oracle iRecruitment Release 12.1

Especially in these uncertain times, organizations today are focused on reducing operational costs. As an automated, full-cycle recruiting solution that focuses on the hiring relationship between managers, recruiters, and candidates, Oracle iRecruitment improves HR efficiencies and in turn reduces operational costs.

Oracle has delivered many compelling enhancements to Release 12.1. These enhancements will improve the speed of hire, enable better decision-making, and engage employees in the acquisition of talent.

Individual Compensation Distribution

Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD) enables companies to automate Spot Bonus awards and other similar awards by leveraging Self Service functionality.

In this one hour session, we will demonstrate how business rules are applied to automatically determine eligibility and award amounts. You will see how spot bonuses and awards are routed for approval. We will also explore other creative uses for Individual Compensation Distribution such as Peer Recognition Awards, Employee Stock Purchase, and Commuter and Transit Passes administration.


Compensation & Benefits: What's New in Release 12.1?

This session discusses new enhancements in Oracle's Compensation & Benefits modules in Release 12.1, covering enhancements made to the Compensation Workbench and Advanced Benefits modules as well as Individual Compensation Distribution. There is also a live demo to cover some of the new features.

Here is a summary of the new features and functions that are covered:

Compensation Workbench

  • Provide Responsibility-Based Plan Access to Administrators 
  • Reduce Post Processing between Multiple Business Organizations 

Oracle Learning Management: What's New in Release 12.1?

Discuss the new features and functionality available in Oracle Learning Management Release 12.1.

This complimentary one-hour session covers:

  • Learning Management Overview
  • Learner Groups (New Feature) 
  • Mandatory Enrollments (New Feature) 
  • Learner Attachments (New Feature) 
  • Training Evaluations (New Feature) 
  • Additional Enhancements 
  • Value of Learning Management 
  • Questions & Answers


Paul Mendez, Senior Consultant