Used by hundreds of customers world-wide, KBX has become the de-facto standard for balancing and reconciling the transactions recorded in the Oracle E-Business Suite.  Customers are able to use a comprehensive library of delivered reports and templates, and can easily create their own from within Microsoft Office applications. The KBX self-configuring installation eliminates implementation costs while providing real-time, customizable reporting.


KBX Key Benefits

  • Unparalleled Balancing & Reconciliation – KBX enables organizations to balance, reconcile, and validate data quality using a methodology that provides insight into why information is the way that it is - a fundamental objective of reporting.
  • Real-Time – The KBXTM - Datastore provides real time Oracle data capture for real-time reporting.
  • True Plug-and-Play Functionality – The KBX Data Management Suite installs in under 2 hours providing immediate reporting. Modules for Oracle® Benefits, Open Enrollment, Payroll, Payroll Impact Analysis, Human Resources US/CA/Global including EIT and SIT reporting and more. True Plug-and-Play removes implementation costs.
  • Large Customer Base – KBX customer base includes retail, financial, government, universities and international companies. Solution building for these companies has contributed to a tested, out-of-the-box reporting suite that fits business.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface – The foundation for the ease-of-use is the simple graphical interface and the fact that all reports are directly opened in the Microsoft® Office Suite MS Excel, Access and Word. And with the KBACE KBX concept, reports can be easily customized without the need of Oracle developers.
  • Scalability  KBX scales to the largest Oracle RAC environments.
  • Service – A highlight for the large KBX Customer Base is world-class support providing rapid, accurate and personable responses that focuses on the needs of the site. KBACE Online Service Center offers a 24/7 access to KBX Solutions, FAQ’s and Knowledge Search database.
  • Advanced Features – KBX provides users with the ability to schedule Kube generation, work with reports and business data offline, and create custom templates to distribute throughout the user community.
  • Support – KBX product support assures compatibility with all Oracle patches, upgrades and Oracle certified platforms. And with reporting directly to Microsoft Office Suites KBX product support assures compatibility Microsoft updates and operating systems.