Ceridian Tax Interface

The KBACE CTS XML Interface is a tax-filing interface to Ceridian Tax Services. The interface produces a file in the format defined by the Ceridian XML Interface File Specification and utilizes either the KBX Data-Store or the KBX Tax Filing-Data Store to extract balances required for the interface.

Utilizing the CTS XML File Specification and the KBX Data-Store allows the interface to be flexible and efficient.  The interface possesses the following key qualities:

  • Planning – Periodic, Quarterly and Annual tax filing is done in one place
  • Speed – Ability to process over 10,000 employees in less than 30 minutes providing periodic, QTD and YTD balances
  • Accuracy – QTD differences are used to ensure all payroll transactions are reported accurately.  All payroll actions such as Runs, QuickPays, rollbacks and balance adjustments are accounted for properly.  There is no need to manually track actions effective in previous periods.
  • Scalability – The multi-threaded interface allows the user to control the number of processes used
  • Simple Installation – A single installation script creates database objects, loads value sets, and registers concurrent programs.  Installation takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Simplified Tax Code Mapping – Dynamic code creation identifies Jurisdiction, Tax Level, Type, Resident/Non-resident and Employee/Employer contribution.  Mapping to the applicable Ceridian code is done with a graphical user interface within Ceridian’s Source Data Manager.
  • Integration – Wage Attachments and Multi-worksite reporting are supported.
  • Flexibility – A provision allows customers to report tax information for taxes that are not supported by Oracle Payroll.  (NY Metro Transit, Denver ER Head Tax, St Louis Payroll Expense Tax, etc.)




No customizations are made to the Oracle system
Interface uses the standard Oracle configuration for W-2 information
Processes over 20,000 employees per hour
No need to run or test State Quarterly Wage Listings or the year-end processes
All taxes in all GREs can be easily reconciled to the KBX Tax Details Report
The data extract:
  • Supports current and future versions of Oracle Payroll
  • A single extract run includes all GREs in a Business Group
  • XML output file