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KBACE Locations

KBACE, A Cognizant Company
6 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, NH 03063
Main: (603) 821-7000
Support: (800) 334-4470
Fax: (603) 821-7030
Asia Pacific Office
JP Techno Park
3/1 Miller's Road
Bangalore 560052 INDIA
Main: 011-91-80-41121700
Fax: 011-91-80-41122605


Worldwide Contacts

Jeff Curtis
Senior Vice President            
(503) 381-7775 
Australia, Canada               
David Sullivan
Vice President
(603) 821-7153 

Asia Pacific
Pradyut Vatsa
General Manager


United States Contacts

David Sullivan
Vice President
(603) 821-7153

Jim Robinson
Account Executive
(847) 630-6800

NY/NJ/PA, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast (HCM)
Nicole Barrow
Account Executive
(917) 370-2010

West Coast
Erik Stewart
Account Executive
(415) 847-0399

Southeast, TOLA                 
David Sullivan
Vice President
(603) 821-7153
NY/NJ/PA, Mid-Atlantic (ERP)
Richard Schwartz
Account Executive
(845) 987-4638