Cloud Central Education

Catalyst is an out-of-the-gate educational service designed to accelerate the learning process through the use of pre-recorded, interactive UPK content.

Help your project teams become early adopters of the latest Oracle applications and accelerate implementation success through education by providing interactive materials at the start of your engagement.  This easy-to-use, hosted product enables customers to lower the learning curve and maximize their return on investment by providing users with early exposure to targeted educational materials.


Key Features

  • Login to a hosted Knowledge Center account provided by KBACE.
  • Access an extensive library of education and training content.
  • Expose users to focused areas of education and training content specific to their role.  
  • Enable users to get familiar with the look and feel of the applications. 
  • Practice transacting in simulated test scenarios organized by application and function.
  • Measure how your users are utilizing the content through various reporting features.
  • Evaluate Oracle's UPK and Knowledge Center applications as viable training solutions for your end-users.

Implementation Methodology Integration