Cloud Central

Cloud Central

KBACE Cloud Centralsm is a community based set of services aimed at providing value in the four most crucial areas of your Oracle cloud. Each service is designed to most significantly improve cost saving by leveraging KBACE’s experience in HCM and ERP as well as one of the largest cloud community of customers.  


Cloud Central Application Management Services

Support and maintenance of the Oracle Cloud system by a team of experts that have insight into modern best practices, a deep knowledge of a customers' usage of the Cloud software, and a firm understanding of each customer's unique business goals along with how they can be met by current and future functionality of the system. Customers gain access to the knowledge, experience, and guidance from a leading Oracle partner and their Cloud community.


Cloud Central Business Process Services

Outsourcing of administration tasks for specific business functions. The modern Cloud software plus modern Cloud experts means lower expenses, improved operations, lower risk, and overall added value for both the employer and employee. KBACE Cloud Central Business Process Services allow customers to benefit from a leading Oracle partner and regain focus on their core organizational functions.  


Cloud Central Integration

Easily connect and automate integration between Oracle Cloud and other applications and/or business partners. Cloud Central Integration does not require additional hardware or software, eliminates internal development costs, is supported 24x7 and is an easy way to have completed automated integration, mapping, and transformations between systems.

Cloud Central Education

Educational service designed to accelerate the learning process through the use of pre-recorded, interactive Oracle User Productivity Kit content.  The extensive library of training content is accessed on demand and provides focused areas of content specific to a user's role.  Cloud Central Education can be used during an implementation to gain early exposure to the Applications or to support a company wide training and change management initiative.

Cloud Central Reporting

Prebuilt report bundles that provide point and click access to dashboards and operational reports that complement the Oracle Cloud’s standard offering. They contain graphical and visualization components, have guaranteed compatibility with the Oracle Cloud environment, and automatically apply the Cloud application security.  The Cloud Central Reporting subscription gives customers access to enhancements to existing reports and collections of new reports as soon as they become available.